HTML5, CSS3 and Java Script are the leading web technologies that CWS is using to build websites with interactive features of top notch quality. HTML5 as an open standard offers the powerful new multimedia and interactive capabilities like style controls, illustration tools, video, audio and Rich Media solutions. HTML5 is ideal for cross platform mobile applications, smart phones and tablets.

HTML5 offers compelling benefits to users who would like to make their presence felt in a distinctive way in a world of web site design and technologies. HTML5 presentations will allow companies to benefit from reaching target users through effective high performance 2D/3D graphic presentations, Audio/Video capabilities with the promise of flexibility and mobility.

Offline presence: Application will work even in offline conditions allowing webpages to store data on the client side locally. Application cache, local storage, Web SQL and indexed database.

Storage: Stores data on the client-side.

Audio/Video: APIs for Audio and Video capabilities.

Connectivity: Make real-time communication faster through better connectivity between client and server.

Access: Powerful APIs to interact allowing for usage of various input and output devices.

Semantics: HTML5 has lots of tools to make content on the web linkable, searchable and mashable like New media elements, New structural elements, New semantics for internationalization, New link relation types, New attributes, New form types and New microdata syntax for additional semantics. Graphics:2D, 3D graphics with the addition of new technologies like canvas element, Web GL, and SVG images.

Presentation: Effective presentation with many new technologies and extensions to CSS3 like 2D Transformations, Transitions, 3D Transforms and Web fonts.

Performance: HTML5 will enable JavaScript evaluation to be delegated to background threads, allows to fetch asynchronously some parts of the page to display dynamic content varying according to the time and user actions and more.

Rize sets a perfect balance combining the strengths of implementing latest advances in technology with clean and user friendly interface for creating better user experience without compromising on presenting the business goals and objectives of your company. If you are looking at building Rich Internet Applications (RIA) that works on Web, Mobile and Smart Phone devices with cross browser compatibility, upgrading to HTML5 will give all the benefits of Rich user experience. Enhance your online marketing strategy by incorporating the latest in design standards that will create engaging and compelling experience to customers.