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Mobile Web Design? Assuming the need to design a Mobile website for business has been established. You must be wondering what are the next steps. To design a Mobile version for your website we can assist you in the following

CWS: Mobile Web Design

When you open your website via Safari on your iPhone or the Internet Browser on your BlackBerry - you will see that your website does not look like what it is supposed to look like. It actually completely disfigures your website in the first instance. You might not see that central Flash or the fancy AJAX or Java Scripts that make your website look contemporary.

Your website is not designed for a mobile screen which is much smaller. So effectively because you trying to fit in a lot of stuff that is usually viewed on a Laptop or PC screen - the screen is chaotic and random.

A mobile website is custom built for a Mobile Phone Screen (Actually to fit over 5300 phone variations!).

1-Made for a Mobile Phone screen. Completely compatible for all Mobile browsers.
2-Navigation structure is more user-friendly and intuitive. Further the content is more focussed for 'quick access'. E.g. Phone number, Location map etc.
3-Content is legible in the first instance without having to either zoom or figure out how to navigate.
4-Substitutes for Flash, AJAX and Java Scripts (E.g. Drop Menus) as these don't work on most Pre-installed Browsers on Mobiles.
5-Download time is optimized as the mobile site is built on a lighter technology.

Based in INDIA is a privately owned technology company focused on the development of mobile websites to enable organisations to engage mobile device users. Our technology and approach ensures businesses provide a rich and engaging experience to their mobile website visitors. By connecting a mobile website to an existing desktop website, customers clearly reach mobile visitors, receive more visitor traffic and do not need to rebuild the existing desktop website.

Why Mobile Websites?

There are now 1 billion smartphones globally on a number of platforms such as iOS (iPhones), Android, Windows mobile 7 etc.
The number of people accessing the mobile internet is growing rapidly.
Most websites are not optimised for mobile devices.
Mobile website visitors often leave sites that are not designed for mobile devices.
This increases the "mobile device visitor bounce rate" which leads to decrease in traffic and visitor satisfaction.

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