Social media optimization (SMO) is becoming increasingly important for search engine optimization

With the majority of the social media user base sharing personal updates, photos, and content, many brands sell themselves short when considering social media platforms for B2B business development. B2B marketing strategies on social media can be similar to B2C strategies, which have an end goal of qualified lead generation and expert branding as thought leaders. In addition, goals for B2B social media campaigns can include attracting top talent, finding investors, or receiving press and media coverage.

Viral Marketing through Social Media Promotion has quickly become one of the most efficient ways to boost traffic, acquire links and create buzz. Increase brand awareness, build massive amounts of links, Increase ROI… need we say more?

One of the greatest aspects of Social Media Marketing is the production of user-generated-content . It provides your site with fresh, relevant content that users will continually comeback to your site to read and update.

Social Network Marketing and Social Media Optimization are largely about engagement, connecting with customers over crucial topics. CWS doesn’t look at this form of media as an opportunity to slip-in incognito; we don’t crash parties, figuratively. We think of social media as a different venue. It’s the difference between negotiating in a boardroom and talking on the couch. It’s a little less formal, a lot more transparent, and nearly impostor proof. We keep it real at web design company CWS and that helps; we can help your company penetrate markets and create credibility by providing you a voice that knows when to speak up, what to say and where to say it.