Web design Company Creative Web Solution has been offering professional website maintenance to our clients for over ten years. We are very good at what we do! Choose the website maintenance plan that is right for you. Our pay-as-you-go website maintenance plans offers flexibility and are cost-effective. Choose from our 3, 5, 10, 15 or more hour website maintenance plans

Our professional web development company is here to work for you around the clock. Our website maintenance cost is $25.00 per/hour with a 1 hour minimum and is discounted depending on the plan, when purchasing a 10, 15, and 20 hour or more website maintenance plan. All fees for website maintenance are paid in advance.

1   Hr(s) of Website Maintenance - $25.00
2   Hr(s) of Website Maintenance - $40.00
3   Hr(s) of Website Maintenance - $70.00
5   Hr(s) of Website Maintenance - $100.00
10 Hr(s) of Website Maintenance - $200.00 ($100 OFF)
15 Hr(s) of Website Maintenance - $300.00 ($125 OFF)
20 Hr(s) of Website Maintenance - $500.00 ($200 OFF)

Website Maintenance - WHAT YOU GET!


Your website is safe on our dedicated server, which is a more secure alternative to your regular hosting. We will install malware protection, implement key website software updates and take measures to limit the ways in which hackers can breach your site’s security.


We have successfully recovered several websites from serious malware attacks. Call us as soon as you notice something odd about your site – leaving a malware issue unattended for a long time will kill your hard-earned search engine rankings.


You’ll start appreciating backups when one day they save you hours of stress and down time. We back up your website once a month and the database on a weekly basis, so if you delete your site by accident (we’ve seen that happen before), it’s no big deal.


If for any reason your website goes down, we’ll be the first to know and will start immediate troubleshooting. When widgets stop working, formatting gets skewed, pages won’t load you can trust us to fix the issue and get your site back up and running.


We put this system in place to make it easier for you to submit a maintenance request at any time of the day. It also helps us keep better track of the task progress and time spent. If you want to make major design changes to your site, you can always speak directly with our project manager, but for minor corrections the ticketing system is the easiest way to reach us.